House Cleaning for Seniors

House Cleaning For Seniors


Your parents deserve a break

Taking care of your family can be a tall order. There are chores to be done, schedules to keep, errands to run, as well as trying to eat healthy, and we haven't even mentioned your family who may not live with you - your parents.

Help your parents enjoy their independence free of cleaning. Merry Maids of Toronto has dedicated teams that can handle cleaning those hard to reach places of your parents' home, so they are saved the strain. As an added bonus, those aged 65 or over can [save 10% on their cleaning] with Toronto. Simply call us to let us know and we'll discount the price of our services. The discount applies to all of our services and packages.


We've been providing for veterans and seniors for decades.

Take a look below at what you can expect from Merry Maids of Toronto including:

On-call and exceptional house cleaning services

Merry Maids has over 40 years of experience, which we are proud to uphold

Reliable, bonded and accountable staff

We always put your parents' home first, and are insured if anything happens during a cleaning to make sure everything is taken care of

Consistent house cleaning

Our teams all receive the same training to ensure our house cleaning services for seniors always exceed your expectations

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not happy with how the home was cleaned or felt like we missed something?
Call us, and we'll come back for FREE to take care of it

Eco-friendly tools:

Colour-coded microfiber cloths (avoids cross-contamination between rooms, and removes more dust and dirt to improve air quality)

Proprietary Merry Maids manufactured cleaning solutions (avoids the use of harsh chemicals)

Pro Team Vacuums (backpack style prevents floors from being damaged while also absorbing more particulates during a cleaning)


Getting started is easy


Don't wait to give us a call about house cleaning services for seniors. We're available to get you started right over the phone, and schedule a FREE consultation that works with your schedule. This gives you a chance to have any questions answered, as well as a better understanding of the detailed and customizable cleaning service we provide. So call today, and give your parents one less thing to worry about!